Create an accessible environment

Add your own labels to objects with the free Speechlabel app.

Promotion screenshot of the Speechlabel app


This video fragment shows how the Speechlabel app can be used to recognize colors of clothing.

Screenshot of the Speechlabel app where the Scan tab is selected


You can scan in two ways, with the camera and NFC. Aim the camera at a barcode, upon successful scanning you will be notified. If you have a new device, you can also scan with NFC. Place the NFC-tag nearby the NFC-chip of your device to scan it.

My labels

Here you find a list of all the labels you have saved. Click on a label to edit the information. You can also delete a label by swiping. In addition, you have the possibility to search through your labels.

Screenshot of the Speechlabel app where the My labels tab is selected
Screenshot of the Speechlabel app where the Shop tab is selected


We have developed a number of products which you can use with the app. Such as stickers, which you can stick to objects, and buttons, which you can attach to clothes. Use these products to make your environment more accessible.


You can edit your profile and set your own preferences. You can also find more information about using the app. Furthermore, you can read a number of legal documents.

Screenshot of the Speechlabel app where the Settings tab is selected