Creating a label

Creating a label starts with scanning a barcode or NFC tag. Open the Scan tab and choose your preferred way of scanning. Point the camera at a barcode, or place an NFC tag nearby the NFC chip of your device.

A new screen will open after scanning. If you have already saved a label for the scanned barcode or NFC tag, you enter in the edit mode. In this screen you have the following options:

  1. Enter title
  2. Enter description
  3. Create recording
  4. Play recording
  5. Delete recording
  6. Delete label

Enter title

The title that you enter here is used for display in the My labels tab and when scanning multiple barcodes at the same time.

Enter description

Here you have the space the extensively describe the object that you are labeling. The description is read out immediately after scanning.


There are three buttons that deal with making, playing and deleting recordings. If a recording is linked to a label, the recording will always be played first.

Delete label

Use this button to permanently remove the label from your device. You can only do this in the edit mode.