How to scan using NFC

To scan using NFC, open the Scan tab. At the top of this screen you can choose between Barcode and NFC. Select the NFC option. A warning will appear if your device does not have an NFC chip.

Now that we are certain that your device has an NFC chip, the next challenge is to find out where it is located. You can find the NFC chip by slowly moving an NFC tag around the back of your device. Once the tag is successfully scanned, a new screen will be opened.

Tip: you can also scan NFC tags without opening the app. Place a tag nearby the NFC-chip, upon successful scanning, the Speechlabel app will open automatically!

Supported NFC tags

The following types of NFC tags can be scanned:

  • IsoDep (ISO 14443-4)
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Ultralight
  • NDEF (NFC tags of type 1 through 4)
  • NfcA (ISO 14443-3A)
  • NfcB (ISO 14443-3B)
  • NfcF (JIS 6319-4)
  • NfcV (ISO 15693)